The Look At Me Ad

The Look At Me Ad


The Centre of Attention Job Ad that gets maximum exposure with the use of special preferences making it stand out from the pack.


  • Job post on website for 30 days

  • Website direct link in description and attached to company logo

  • Option for external job ad link to lead candidates to a more detailed job description

  • Instagram direct link in description

  • Email direct link in description

  • Inclusion in 4 x weekly Job Board newsletters sent out direct to subscribers

  • Inclusion in the weekly Job Board Instagram posts which includes a project picture with logo, job ad description including website URL + Instagram direct tag in both text and picture

  • Inclusion in weekly Job Board Instagram story including project picture with logo and Instagram direct tag in picture. Features in the Instagram story state collection on the home page for the entire 30 days.

  • Featured link on the landing page of the website for 7 days

  • Highlighted Job Ad that stays in the top section of the selected State Page for 7 days

  • Appear in the top section of the first weekly newsletter

  • Weekly advertisements on social media to drive follower base to find new jobs posted

  • Total Reach - 100,000+

* Price is for one Job Ad. Job details to be added at checkout. Multiple jobs can be posted, please select the quantity you need. The job will be posted within 12 hours once payment is received

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Terms and conditions

All Job Board Ads are published on Australian Architecture Job Board for a length of 30 days. After this length of time the ad will be removed from the site, unless a request to renew the advert is recieved. Job Ads can be removed from Australian Architecture Job Board before the end of the 30 day period on written request from the person who posted the advert. However there will be no refund in this case. Payment must be completed before job ads can be published. Payments are non-refundable. Once payment has been made the job will be posted on the website within 12 hours and on other platforms that coming week. Recruitment agencies may only post advertisements on behalf of other companies,  if they state the practice they are representing. Australian Architecture Job Board will not post unpaid internships and jobs for unknown companies. Changes may be made to the Job Ads once posted, the person who posted will need to get in contact via email to confirm changes.  If a social media post is included in the package, a project image will be asked for. If the project image isn't sent through on time for that weeks postings, a project image will be chosen on the companies behalf.